TheDArtCo Meets Natural Warp

Natural Warp is is a psychedelic visionary artist, born and residing in Belgium, schooled in the fine arts, graphic design and spatial arts.

TheDArtCo: When did you decide to become an artist?

Natural Warp: I didn’t really decide anything it feels like, I just became aware of my urge to create. This happened very early in my life since I started studying the arts from the age of 9.

TheDArtCo: In your Artworks we see mainly psychedelic styles: from your works we see that your artistic story is multifaceted. Please can you explain your philosophy? Also, why did you choose to do digital art specifically?

Natural Warp: Again, here I feel this was not specifically a conscious choice I ever made, I mean I have experimented with many mediums in my life, going from analog black & white photography, airbrush, sculpting, welding, screen printing, oil and acrylics on canvas, and many many more … but also digitally I played a lot with 2D, 3D, audio, video in my younger years.

After I finished school I had an atelier in Antwerp for many years where I could create a lot of physical art, but after some time I moved to Ghent and I didn’t have space for an atelier there so my focus slowly shifted towards the digital  area.

The psychedelic influence was also baked into my brain from very early on.
I always loved when dreaming about otherworldly beings and other-dimensional worlds as a small kid. For example, some feverish and trippy dreams experienced in kindergarten are still with me very vividly. My focus was always towards the other side, I always felt really close to death, the other side, aliens and sci-fi fantasies. Dreams always were very real to me.

Also, around my 18th I had one specific psychedelic experience which pivoted my life 180° from the dark side towards the light.

I always felt inspired by Buddhism and shamanism but after that specific point I could see how in fact to practice these beliefs and interests.

TheDArtCo: What software do you use to create your artworks?

Natural Warp: I mostly use a mix of VR sculpting tools + 2D painting software and a bit of video tools and go back and forth between those.

TheDArtCo: How do you choose between interactive 3D or video artworks?

Natural Warp: I don’t, most of the time when an artwork is finished the elements that lead to the result passed through most stages, like I said, VR/video/2D etc …

TheDArtCo: What do you think about blockchain art?

Natural Warp: From one perspective one could say: art on the blockchain is just art, but it’s enabled to being sold on the multifaceted cryptoart platforms market.
But once you look at it from the other side, it’s more than just a marketplace, deep down it’s a whole community with amazing people driven to co-build a special place in this world which we call the Metaverse. Messages are built into the art, inspiration to a better world is being spread and creative fires are kept being fed. It feels as a pioneering bunch of people who co-prepare a new mechanism for a ton of blockchain related use cases.

TheDArtCo: Your Artworks are very intense and generating sometimes some complex feelings. Can you help us understand where this tension may come from?

Natural Warp: Yes, that’s an easy question. It contains 2 interwoven parts: I believe I have always remembered throughout my life a piece of an experience of consciousness within the perinatal matrices, a.k.a. birth/pre-birth trauma.
For example how I described it as a little boy was a recurring dream/nightmare, very chaotic and frightening which made me experience in what seemed like only a couple seconds very extreme opposites like macro vs microcosmos, speed of light versus almost a frozen time, voices ultra-high speed vs deep dark and slow. I could almost taste these things, feel them, be them while hearing them push my boundaries …
Very similar things (obviously) happen when experimenting with psychedelics, which enabled me to (re)-connect/identify with and see in a bigger perspective – some of these very interesting forces of life.

I can’t help but creating art which continuously speaks about these otherworldly dimensions, cosmic freedom, unity, singularity, a deep connection, using basic/sacred geometry, universal structures and warped visions which I feel act as a common language amongst people who have experienced these things first hand.

TheDArtCo: We see that your artworks can be done in different styles. Can you help us understanding this? We love very much all your artworks, but there is some distance among them. Is there a learning process in collecting your art?

Natural Warp: Well for the last (already more than) 5 years of my life, I have been perfecting a 360° workflow which stands at the basis of my oeuvre. Everything else happens from that core, which is very sacred to me. So, from there I have the freedom to experiment in many ways and will highly likely keep on doing so. I will probably never come to a point where I feel like: “oh, this is it” and keep on doing that. Life is way too complex and interesting to maintain a single ‘style’ if you look at it that way.

TheDArtCo: Digital art and DeFi: what do you think about it?

Natural Warp: They obviously go hand in hand.
It is very logical that digital art is at the frontier of the new market which is based on cryptocurrency.
Everything must be visualized since the portal to the other world is a monitor. There is no way around it. We are beings who prioritize visual input to build our sense of reality. So unborn territory shall always be visualized before creating it, before threading upon, before using it, before embracing it. We create with our minds and in our minds we have centrally our minds eye.

TheDArtCo: What are you going to show us in the future? What’s the style what will see and collect in the future or are you planning some evolution?

Natural Warp: I will keep on focusing on the virtual experience and it will continue to contain psychedelic and visionary subliminal messages. Many people have seen my art, only a few have really experienced it in VR.

For me as a digital artist, the 360° experience is the most sacred of all.
A visualization of a creation which can surround the self.

Imagine a couple centuries ago, a painter who has the feeling he can reside in his own painting. That must have been a day dreamer, right?

Now today, with a single click on the button I can transport anyone willing to experience them, directly into my digital paintings. And the effect I can assure you is quite overwhelming.

Of course, I can only tell by my own personal experience and I might be biased but being inside such a 360° artwork environment I believe has immense healing potential for the state of the human mind today.