TheDArtCo meets A.I.

Fellow Artist Mattia Cuttini introduced us to Playform, his Artificial Intelligence art generator.

I was immediately attracted. Mattia is doing very nice artworks, and he is one of the smartest artists I have met in the Metaverse so far.

This link is a document shows how Mattia is dealing with one of the most fascinating frontiers in the Art World: the Artificial Intelligence.

Dartco was so intrigued by this opportunity that we immediately decided to start working on it.

After doing a few trials, we decided that we were more interested by the mental process of the Artificial Artists than by its final artwork. Good for us, Playform shows all the process of the IA, all the frames of his thoughts. 

So we made the following videos that show how the machine thought about the combination of the pop images coming from our drawings that we used to feed him.

The two antagonist algorithms battled one against the other to generate a different and unique way of thinking. 

For us it was like being able to sit in front of a brain elaborating ideas at the speed light…. Wether they were great Ideas or not, well that was not our point… we were just focusing on the process of the artificial brain.

See the way it looks:

And this is the video recap of the full elaborations of the AI.

We also have an artwork made by AI that we liked a lot.

It is like the AI was echoing in some frames a Rothko style artwork, but as we did not feed him with the art of Mark Rothko we are really considering the fact that AI could become a fantastic artist on his own… and we are a little worried by this possibility…

Our research with AI has only just started.