TheDArtCo meets 2FToF

2FToF is an Italian gifted artist. Here in Dartco we are very happy supporters and collectors of his artworks and now it is time to learn more about him.

2FToF is ……. All about you and your country and your background. Where do you live in Italy?

2FToF: I am located in Modena. I don’t feel really linked to this city, even if I was born here and I have lived here all my life long. The place of my heart is in the wilderness of nature, far from the noise of the city. I go there to find new energies and inspiration for my art. In nature, I find a geometric perfection that fascinates me. Sun rays when they hit some unique angles, are like telling me great stories…

TheDArtCo: When did you decide to become an artist?

2FToF: Artist is such a complicated word, I try to give shape to my feelings in the best way I can do. When I was 13, I was given the CD “In Utero” by Nirvana, as a reward for some marketing campaign. All the energy of their music struck me and almost worried me. This is why I started playing the guitar and become so much fond of abstract art. My passion grew over time, and I started experimenting a lot in both digital and analog ways. Many good and also some bad experiences. At the end I am a Do-It-Yourself artist, I just wish I had more time to study art.

TheDArtCo: In your Artworks we see many connections to the great Italian artists: from your works we see that your artistic story is multifaceted. Please can you explain your philosophy? Also, why did you choose to do digital art specifically?

2FToF: Well, I don’t think I can say I have developed a full and organic philosophy yet. I love whatever is abstract, I love Fontana, Piero Manzoni and Rothko: all of them inspire me a lot and give me strong emotions. I wish I could be able to create new art with its roots in the fantastic artworks of the great artists of the past. My choice of digital art is due to the fact that was a medium able to connect all my passions in a clean and efficient way. Deep down inside I am also fond of the geek/nerd culture.

TheDArtCo: What software do you use to create your artworks?

2FToF: Each of my artworks is following its own path. Usually I have only one rule, I use Ableton as my Digital Audio Workstation, it’s my best favorite. I have been using it for many years now. Finding the good software for each artwork is an important part of my creative process.

TheDArtCo: You have very good music in your artworks. Are you doing the music by yourself?

2FToF: Yes, I do! I am happy you like my music. I have been playing the guitar since I was 13 and I bought my first drum machine when I was 19. Then I have been using Ableton for 10 years now. I love all music: from classic to punk, to electronic, movie soundtracks and also videogame music.

TheDArtCo: What do you think about blockchain art?

2FToF: Well, it is the environment of our age. It’s a great way to free the art world, that can give the opportunity to express oneself worldwide. To me it is allowing to express myself in a new way, having the protection of the blockchain for my works.

TheDArtCo: Your Artworks are very intense and generating sometimes some complex feelings. Can you help us understand where this tension may come from?

2FToF: This is so hard to say. I am 31 years old and I have been feeling so unease so many times in the world of music and art. Also, in my everyday life I sometimes feel this, often mixed with positivity and other energies. The link between love and attachment, the impossibility of creating a never-ending connection between things, as also conscious memory cannot be infinite. I feel that our perception of reality is easily deceived by what I call the great fraud of colors: we see colors for the light they can reflect, but not for the light they absorb: they show us what they give outside, not what they really are. So many things are in my mind, it is impossible to say all of them.

TheDArtCo: We see that your artworks can be done in different styles. Can you help us understanding this? We love very much all your artworks, but there is some distance among them. Is there a learning process in collecting your art?

2FToF: Each artwork I am doing is a step in a learning process. When we talk about different styles it is because I love so many forms of art and I love to have them as a foundation of my artworks. All in all, I think that this process will lead me to improve and complete my artistic path.

TheDArtCo: Digital art and DeFi: what do you think about it?

2FToF: Oh, I love it. Having the possibility of sharing art and being part of the digital community is such a great opportunity for me.

TheDArtCo: What are you going to show us in the next future? What’s the style what will see and collect in the future or are you planning some evolution?

2FToF: I don’t love to talk about the future, I like better to live day by day. I hope I will be able to stay with my art, and to create works able to be also spiritual. I like to dream big, this is the way I am. I don’t plan any evolution, I just want to do space and silence to focus on what is around me. The rest will come. I want to be a tool at the service of art, this is my only ambition.

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