TheDArtCo is the first independent digital gallery. We started working on the blockchain with our artists as a Factory, discovering this technology and developing our philosophy when all was so new for it! 

Now we are an Art Gallery, following and presenting artists all over the world.

NFTs are the medium that allow the world of art to enter in the future. Unique and digital in the blockchain, artworks are free to spread their beauty in the Metaverse.

TheDartCo loves the artists, works with them and we aim to create together the best art experience for our collectors.

NFT is the medium: the artists and their art is our core.

AΣ GALLERY joins TheDartco

TheDArtCo quest for great artists is never stopping and when Nico met AΣ GALLERY the artistic cooperation between the two galleries started immediately.

Alexandre SKINAS, godson of the famous art dealer Alexander IOLAS, opens his art gallery in Athens in 2014. The passion for art that his father, Panayotis Skinas, transmitted to him since he was young, allows him to be specialized in Modern and Post–War Art. 

4 years ago, Alexandre has opened a new space  in Paris, in which he shows works from post-war artists  as André Masson or Hans Hartung and  contemporary artists reflecting his sensitivity of the current Contemporary Art, such as the sculptor Kelli Bedrossian. 

From the last six month, the gallery works with artists specialized in digital art to be  on the blockchain.

TheDArtCo and AΣ GALLERY are now working together to make digital art more and more popular, selecting great artists to the benefit of their collectors.


NFTs are changing the world of Art. Being a young Art collector is tough nowadays. Places where we live are small, artworks are pricey.

It’s a walled world: now everybody is talking about online auctions, but at the end of the day if you buy a canvas online, well, you will have to pay a lot of money for it and find a wall to hang it.

Art today is for walls, walls are a scarce resource and money for young collectors is even scarcer. NFTs can open the art world to a new breed of collectors, if we fight the “everyone-is-an-artist-why-not-you” mantra and focus on quality. Our concept is that if you put shit in, you will get shit out. Quality is the codeword. We have to put high level artworks in the NFTs in the blockchain and we will be rewarded by receiving high quality non fungible tokens that will grow in value over time. We must talk to real artists that are ready to explore a new medium, the digital work in the NFTs, to promote collecting among young generations. How to do that? Artists will have to accept that price for their NFTs must be reasonably low, they also will have to do airdrops, in order to allow young people to start collecting digital artworks.

One day, the new collector may find himself rich, because everybody will understand that the digital art is the future of modern times collecting, and some artworks that today are cheap will become tomorrow’s Fontana’s cut.

With digital art, the new collectors will have the user experience that is perfectly tuned to the way young people are living reality: trough the screen of their smartphones. When they get home, they can watch their collection, safely stored in their NFT crypto wallet, on their large screen.

The new collectors can buy and sell NFTs on their phone: they can exchange with a click tomorrow’s Bacon against the new Picasso: the new top artist name lies in the future. It is worth studying and collecting art, for our own culture and for the business opportunity.

This is what we are doing at TheDArtCo, we put a lot of time and effort to produce artworks that are very far from the memes that you can find everywhere in the NFT world on the web. We believe that artworks are few minutes of inspiration and many hours of transpiration, working on high quality technology: hard working is what we do. We put the same effort evangelizing about our philosophy among fellow artists that we believe have quality and thought, we ask them join in this project.

We do not want everybody to be an artist, we want many more young people to become collectors able to understand that contemporary art is both culture and business. In every art piece there must be a way to interpret the reality around us, and when the artwork is really good, it will help us to read the future.