The almighty forgotten Teletext hacks into the NFT art of TheDArtCo factory straight from the ’90s. You are challenged to read all its messages.

Frantic images from the past drop into the digital world while Anonymous is threatening all the video watchers.

The environment looks dangerous for the Artist that is like swallowed up by the ricochet chips from the past, but a collector comes with KLTR and saves the artist.

The Artist start farming KLTR, and becomes RICH RICH RCH RICH…..

Nico remembers Teletext from the days when he was a kid, playing with the remote of the TV.

You know Teletext? it was very popular in Europe before Internet. This it what it was: you could go to your TV and call pages with news, info and so on… now the web canceled it, like the pager and the blackberry.

The revenge of old time technology is here, but we are ready to rumble.

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