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Pepe Magaña is a Mexican artist and software developer living in France who took up painting during lockdown with his son.

“I am an artist who paints from the heart, without any preconceived plans or reference photos. I use painting as a way to express my emotions and life experiences – to communicate what I am feeling inside. I create art intuitively and freely, allowing the paint to lead the way. This results in art that is alive with energy and emotion. I believe that art should be honest and true to the artist’s feelings; this is the most freeing and authentic way to create. My hope is that my paintings will connect with viewers on a personal level, and that they will be able to find something meaningful in them.”

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PAZQAL is a Visual Artist born in 1979 in Belgium. He has been working since 2001 as a visual artist, creating storyboards and concept designs for various films and video games.

In 2009, he joined the creative team of the late genius Franco Dragone, and has since worked as a visual designer, set designer and costume designer on numerous international shows in China, Qatar and Europe.

He has drawn over 10,000 storyboard drawings for 40 movies and TV series. Its clients include Dreamworks SKG, Warner Bros, THQ Nordic, Publicis, XYZ, TBWA,…

In 2018, he was one of the 10 talents selected for a one-year experimental residency at the R/O Institute. There he learned to create and develop a transmedia IP which ended up being pitched to the King of Belgium and optioned by a major publisher.

He co-founded Neoreal Studios in 2018, as a visual development company specializing in film, but also as a place to explore the new creative possibilities of the NFT space and the Metaverse.

After years of designing and developing projects in the shadows, he found himself creatively burned out by the industry. Having lost all pleasure in drawing for himself, he decided to learn 3D and develop his work and his personal universe.

He joined the Crypto Art movement in 2020 and found there a creative revival and an incredible community of like-minded artists. His imagery explores 3D forms, imaginary worlds, reality and how we perceive it…

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Pietro Mancini was born in Tropea, lives in Pomezia (Roma, Italy), uses technologies applied to photography  and sculptural art exhibitions and awards: In 2007 he began his exhibition journey with Codice 01, inside the Chiostro del Bramante in Rome. In 2008 in Palermo, the Zelle contemporary art gallery hosts his first solo exhibition, Through galaxies to find the sweetest grass for my donkey heart.
In 2010 he gave rise to OFFICINA TOM, a creative group that was born within the Departments of Mental Health, an experience that relates art and psychic discomfort to carry out important rehabilitation functions. The OFFICINA TOM project is presented at the Accademia Albertina in Turin and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and participates in national exhibitions and events.
In 2011 he took part in the Venice Biennale and in the same year he exhibited his personal suspended horizons at the Nur gallery in Milan, in collaboration with Arsprima. In 2012 he took part in the contemporary art project within the Giffoni Film Festival, where he was awarded the Critics’ Prize. In the same year, his work was singled out by the art historian and critic Martina Corgnati who included it in the traveling exhibition projects 20×1 and A Side View, hosted in various museums in South America and Eastern European countries. Shortly after, his first monograph La spontaneità come pratica (Gangemi Editore) was published. Alfonso Panzetta, director of the Il Cassero Museum in Montevarchi (AR), in 2014 curates the personal exhibition of Mancini, who for the occasion produces a series of photographs printed on mirrored aluminum, dedicated to sculpture and grouped under the title of Alte Tensioni; in the same year he won the Nocivelli Prize, photography section. In June 2015, Galleria 28 Piazza di Pietra exhibited the personal Tensioni Geometriche in Rome; in November of the same year as director he won the 1st prize at the Teatro del Lido di Ostia “Lo Spiraglio Festival”, dedicated to short films on the theme of Mental Health; in December his second monograph is published in the magazine or not 1+1 (Arsprima publisher, Milan). In 2016 he received the Isola Award from his hometown, Tropea. In 2018 the Gilda Contemporary art Gallery in Milan exhibited his personal Sincopi e Contrattempi. In 2019 he is present at the MACRO Museum in Rome with the installation “Compiti su Casa”, a project that aims to involve the viewer and making him participate in the construction of the installation itself. In 2020 finalist in the photography section Premio Combat Prize. In 2021 he realizes the Edicole project inside the MAAM Museum in Rome curated by Giorgio de Finis. In 2022 Inside Outside Borghini Gallery, two-person Rome. As a director: he was awarded the “Premio
Massimo Troisi” at the Festival “Corto ma non molto” Paliano, Italy.