Nico founded TheDArtCo. He is a Digital Native and has a vagabond soul. When the world locked down he became a Digital Artist to generate a world for a wanderer like him, where globalization could not get him. He knows that the Consensus Adepts are after him, but in the Metaverse they cannot catch him.

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The Iphone is my digital eye

Walking around the streets

The music in my headphones

I used to steal images of the life that was flowing around me

But now the world has changed

Fear of the others and fear of loneliness

Are struggling in my mind

I am looking for  people 

But masked faces keep me far away

Only in the digital space I can find peace

Artworks are the voodoos that will ease my mind


Nine lines poem

All my life long, I had to go night life to damp my loneliness 

Daytime I had to live the city, not to be melting in the crowd under the heat of the daylight

Now I walk around the city, night and day, to meet people to touch 

But I cannot find, I cannot find, I cannot find….

A mask on my face, a mask on their face: we are all but walled people 

Not even handshaking anymore

Nowhere to go to meet someone free

Only this city to walk, cannot escape anywhere

Roads and monuments all empty

A place of my own

Milano, London, NY, HK, Shanghai, Tokyo: the globalized world killed the genius loci. Wherever you go you find the same stuff: fashion, food, art in the museums, all is the same.

I need to rush to the digital world to create my place, my feeling, my view that is not global.

It has to be local and my own.

Living in a non-global world means loving each other for his own culture and tradition.

Do not become like me, I will not become like you.

See my world and teach me how to love your world.