Dartco meets Loopbomb

In the world of the digital art there is something really amazing: https://loopbomb.com

What is so intriguing about this platform is that it generates beautiful collages following a random process and also exploits the concept of gamification in the world of art.

As we are very curious and we believe that the success of digital art is closely linked to both gamification and DeFi, we decided to ask if Lucidhouse https://knownorigin.io/lucidhouse the artist and brains behind Loopbomb could consider some questions from us about his projects. He accepted and here we are…

TheDArtCo: First question is about you: who is Lucidhouse and why Loopbomb?

A: My aka is Lucidhouse, a name I carry from my dance music days, all my life I have been making art. From video, visual art, music, animation and digital art. I’m also a cryptocurrency junkie and the advent of NFTs obviously excited me. Loopbomb arose from my physical, kinetic collages I made that when shaken, changed in layout and appearance. So, it inspired me to replicate this concept to the digital world with the intention of making art a fun, inclusive experience.

The Loopbomb dapp is simple on the surface, with all the complexity deep inside.  At the heart is the engine (looper) that calls on a database of random images from generic, special, decorative, background and so on… Each of these sets have unique attributes and behaviors resulting in one-of-a-kind compositions.  https://lucidhouse.com/loopbomb-curated-gallery/

TheDArtCo: Gamification and art: in LoopBomb you developed the idea of gamification, can you explain?

A: The basics of the Loopbomb game are luck, skill and the anticipation of what the “next level” or spin has in store. A player’s skill set is patience, speed and aesthetic sense. You have to be sharp to freeze a scene at exactly the right moment, then choosing which loops to save and mint plays a big part in the desirability and future value of a loop. We’ve tweaked the speed at which the engine shuffles and changes compositions to be just on the edge, not too easy and not too hard, like a thin line between joy or frustration.

Saying that, I think Loopbomb version 1 has been too “generous” in generating random sets as the high output of specials resulting in rich collages comes a little too easy, so for version 2 we’ll tweak this parameter to increase scarcity, add value and minimize NFT inflation.

TheDArtCo: Artificial Intelligence vs Random Generation: is there a competition between the two?

A: I think that they both fall under the generative art category. The difference in our approach is having human intervention in the process. I don’t see a competition as both can lead to amazing results.

TheDArtCo: When will it be possible to add our own images in LoopBomb?

A: A lot of people have been asking if it’s possible to add their own artworks into Loopbomb, … like sets of cubist images or abstract vector graphics for example. This is something we’d love to do for the future and have looked at various approaches like forking Loopbomb and inviting artists to upload their images, with smart contract complexity lying in fair royalty distribution linked to each artist’s input.  Another option is renting out a stand-alone looper engine for third parties to use and brand as they see fit. This could be an achievable by Loopbomb 2.5

Well, to me a nice version 2.5 that TheDArtCo can use to make collages with its own images sounds really attractive! Let’s hope Lucidhouse will consider this in the very near future.