Oracles art

Tulips and Oracles is a live art project on the blockchain.

At TheDArtCo we decided to try to explore the digital opportunities on the blockchain trying to get the most from a new medium that in our opinion is opening incredible possibilities to the artists.

Oracles are one of the most fascinating tools that we can find in this space. Oracles can link the reality to the blockchain and change the status of a smart contract.

Together with a group of illuminate solidity experts, Nico created Tulips and Oracles.

The concept is this: a digital GIF showing a beautiful animated field of tulips and its owner that can interact with the artwork. From the global nowhere of the Metaverse, the owner can connect the artwork to a specific location worldwide. The smart contract will connect to a weather oracle via ChainLink (the super oracles company that is changing the world of the smart contracts, token LINK) and will show the tulips under the rain or in the sun according to the weather of the selected location.

The global becomes local, and the weather of the place chosen by the owner will become real in the artwork.

All of this is happening in the blockchain, through the Metamask of the Artwork owner and his interaction will be forever recorded in the blockchain.

Nico and his Devs decided to use Matic side net: gas cost is negligible and the owner can choose as many locations as he wants at virtually no cost. The artwork becomes a fantastic trip in the world, chasing sunshine or rain through the oracles and the smart contract. 

This is the first step in a new dimension of artworks: oracles can be so many, Chainlink is so powerful and the creativity of the artists is so rich that this form of art can become he new frontier of the digital medium.