I Photograph to capture the moment. I am convinced that the human being lives fast, in a hurry, without ever stopping and taking time to reflect.

With my photos I want to stop the movement and immortalize the present moment, allowing it to live forever.

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My image represents the balance that exists between man and nature, between the passing of time and the life of the passing man. The moment is the photograph, sharp, clear, indisputably true, real, present!

I want to make this moment clearer and more evident, trying to get inside the head of a child, who teaches adults to pay attention to the present moment, to all its infinite details and its fantastic beauties.

My goal is to express the thought of a child through photography, because kids devote all their energies to living the present, the TODAY, the NOW, not wasting time remembering past times or dreaming of future moments.

I look and observe what is different and unique in the place where I am: a child playing, a ray of sunshine, a reflection in the water, the movement of leaves on a tree. I want to connect myself with the energy of Life, contemplating the beauty and purity of nature. This state gives me peace, happiness and joy. The challenge is to capture the right moment that creates an emotion.