Flaviano Pizzardi

Flaviano Pizzardi was born in 1965 in Rome. He worked as musician since 1984-1993 publishing 2 lp in UK for a London Record Label and in Italy, as sound engineer produced music for the most important advertising agencies and for Italian TV. In 1993 he founded with others “The POOL Factory” one of the first and most important Italian Character Animation studio. As Creative Director he developed digital animations for advertising agencies, TV, cinema, and archeological documentaries winning international prizes. Since 2002 he works with Motion Capture systems for real time animation and digital puppetries for live events in Italy, Qatar, France, Czech Republic, winning European prizes. With contemporary dance company “Altroteatro” in 2002-2008 developed real time motion capture/motion graphics for 6 ballets and was hosted for two editions at Monaco international Dance Forum and in Paris workshops. Since 2010 he realizes motion graphics for live classic and contemporary Operas for Accademia di Santa Cecilia, Filarmonica Romana, RomaEuropa Festival, Fondazione Flavio Vespasiano, Nuova Consonanza crossing his work from Monteverdi to Battistelli, Donizetti, Rossini, Janacek, Ambrosini, Panni. In 2019 he worked for Eros film production (Mumbay) for real time movie shooting previsualization. In 2019 he produced and directed a theatrical experiment on a pièce of Molière (revisited from Nicolò Barbieri) “lo Stordito” with digital and live actors. In 2020 he published his first interactive film “Decameroscopio” a 3d real time multicast story freely based on a Boccaccio novel. 




DeepSchlemmer works are four interactive applications about 1922 Schlemmer Triadic Ballet. The dancer, Stefania Brugnolini, follows some extracts of original choreography, the spazialized music is a tribute to ’60 American minimal music.

Experience Flaviano’s works with the stunning 3D interactive versions



Mannequin is the uncertainty of reality that disappears under the strikes of a minimal music.

Experience Flaviano’s works with the stunning 3D interactive versions