Dartco Meets KAVIMAZ

Kavimaz is a great Venezuelan artist. Here in TheDArtCo we are very happy supporters and active collectors of his artworks and now it is time to learn more about one of our most appreciated artists.

Kavimaz is ……. All about you and your country: we know very little about it! ;)))) Where do you live in Venezuela? 

K: hello guys! I’m honored to do this interview! I live in Valencia, Venezuela with my wife, my daughter and two cats ^^

TheDArtCo: K.  when did you decide to become an artist? 

K: I’ve been creating, drawing and loving music since I have memory, I’m a studio musician since I was 15 so I’ve always been an art-inclined person, I also studied Graphic Design at U.R.B.E. university but never finished, to be honest I wasn’t happy at the time, I was happier with my own creations and expressions.

I published my first NFT in September 2020 after I learned about it on twitter. I thought it was THE COOLEST THING I’D EVER SEEN. I spent a couple of months learning about the space until I decided to publish my first piece.

TheDArtCo: In your Artworks we see different styles: in “No matter what, no matter where” you are using complex modeling and design techniques to generate your artwork. In “La Catedral de la Locura” (my favorite style, humble and personal opinion) you are doing in a very different way. Please can you explain your philosophy? Also, why did you choose to do digital art specifically? 

K: Yes in “No matter what, no matter where” I needed to do a depiction of an image in my head of my daughter and I in eternity, it’s a message engraved in the blockchain that no matter what, no matter where I’ll be there for her, at first the background was just galaxies, but it felt empty, it needed to look more like an interdimensional place, like a wonderful place, that lead to the end result while “La Catedral de la Locura” it’s an unbound stream of creation, actually that idea start with another abstract “Dreams” every time I see that abstract I see so many characters and objects that ignited this idea of filling the gap between just pareidolia and actual hidden faces and objects in an artwork, with the freedom of abstraction this piece became alive as I was making it, that’s why I love abstracts so much, they are unbound creation (unbound fun!) 

In my style of creation, digital art gives me the flexibility I need to achieve my pieces.

TheDArtCo: What software do you use to create your artworks?

K: Autodesk SketchBook is the most important for me, I use Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop express to finetune shadows, light and color treatment the pieces (I often do various versions of the same piece color/light wise) i use this little software called Glitchlab for the pixel interpolate effect which I love.

I’m always trying new softwares but those 4 are essential to me.

TheDArtCo: Do you use only static or also video artworks? 

K: I have not worked on any videos yet although I would like to.

TheDArtCo: What do you think about blockchain art?

K: It is a paradigm shift! It has changed my life, thanks to blockchain a kid can express himself and put it out there and people will see it, this kid would get instant feedback and he would get excited and grow in experience and knowledge! It has given us access to an otherwise gatekept world! From on-chain art to full hand-drawn tokenized masterpieces I support them all 100% and I’m thankful for it.

TheDArtCo: Your Artworks are very intense and generate sometimes some very dramatic feelings. Can you help us understand where this tension may come from?

K: Because in my art I am free, depression has taken many things out of my life but once I started make art I decided to express myself freely, from me wanting to unlock my dreams in “the key” a beautiful celebration moments like in “Celebration” and “Dreams” to dark moments like in “obelus” I just opened myself and art is what came out.

It’s all there, my whimsical side, the joy of creation and imagination, from pain to pure love it’s all there.

TheDArtCo: We see that your artworks can be done in many and very different styles. Can you help us understand this? Between La Catedral de la Locura and Changes (both in Dartco Collection), or between those two and “A Guitar for Rock” or “The Abstract”: we love very much all the artworks but there is some distance. Is it a learning process for your art? 

K: yes, it’s more like an experimentation process, I always want to try new things, in “this abstract” I wanted to experiment with emptiness and straight simpler lines, order, I didn’t know what the end result was going to be like, while in “Changes” I knew exactly what I wanted! that feeling of changes in life, especially how streets look different when life changes, that feeling of motion in your head.

Some depictions like “the key” are recreations of clear images in my head while abstracts are wild and free, like “La Catedral de la Locura” were I composed freely 3 different abstracts to overlay them to then paint faces and objects guided by pareidolia! In this kind of process, I often go back a couple of steps until the background looks the way that works for me, I was aiming for a background that triggered my pareidolia hard, and when I saw that big eye, I felt that was the one! 

“A guitar for rock” is a tribute to the joy of playing guitar, classic rock in my head, like rolling stones, so I don’t want a crazy loud backdrop, to me that abstract in the background it’s like an overdrive more so than a distortion ^^ very rock and roll! The four stripes are my four fingers I use to play the guitar with a different abstract (I imagine this like a clean moment in music) and it looks cool because it reminds me of stage lights! And the guitar it’s actually the strat I use the most! I daily use that white strat.

I honestly don’t think I will stop experimenting with new methods of expressing myself! I found great joy in revisiting my now signature style of abstracts like I did in my latest three at the moment (Waves in the water, Nova era and Colored Lights city) but in my head there’s always a voice of “what if?….”

TheDArtCo: In “A Guitar for Rock” you say you are also a musician: can you explain?

k: Yes! I am! Music is still a big part of my life! I play guitar in my living room while I’m thinking about what steps to take on my pieces, or when life gets difficult, or it’s time to celebrate! I’ve been a musician since I was 15 years old, I even got to play in many national music festival, and 2 international gigs (Bogotá in Colombia and Quito in Ecuador)  I think in some moment I’m going to make an audible NFT, my problem is that I know how to play not how to record hahaha I’m aiming for youtube tutorials to help me in the near future, just like blender hahaha.

TheDArtCo: Digital art and DeFi: what do you think about it? 

K: To me digital art is a new frontier in its own right, I love the freedom of it, I love that thousands of people can see the artwork of the artist as soon as he publishes it, I love that you can tokenize the artwork and get it in your wallet as soon as you purchase it (I’m a little collector myself) thanks to DeFi we can just purchase the artwork and own it! No matter where you are in the world!  No paperwork, no gatekeeping, just a smart contract that proves that you own that piece of art, that’s wonderful, that is awesome and I’m very glad and very blessed to be part of it, as an artist and as a collector! 

I would like to make a special mention to the cryptoart community! Because we would be NOTHING without them, it’s a very unique and welcoming community! Ready to support newcomers, ready to change lives for good! 

TheDArtCo: What are you going to show us in the next future? Is the Catedral style what will see and collect in the future or are you planning some evolution?

K: The same way “Dreams’ triggered the idea behind “La Catedral de la locura” the same way La catedral has ignited new ideas, an evolution of this concept is on its way for sure! I have this itch in my brain to extend the concept, and this time with better tools! I’m excited.

I also hope to surprise you and myself with new ideas and continue to express myself, my life and feelings with my art. I’ll continue to do everything with love. 

I want to thank Dartco.art and Dan for your support and for giving me the opportunity to talk about my art! I enjoyed it very much and I’m humbled and honored, hopefully this interview will encourage someone else to take the leap and share some awesome art with the world! 

Kavimaz works in TheDArtCo collection