Amyo is a great French artist. Here in TheDArtCo we are very happy supporters of his artworks and now it is time to learn more about one of our most appreciated artists.

Amyo is ……. All about you and your country and your background. Where do you live in France?

AMYO: I live near Paris, I can’t tell you where exactly…

TheDArtCo: When did you decide to become an artist?

AMYO: I never decided to become an artist, for me you’re an artist when other people say you’re one.

TheDArtCo: In your Artworks we see different styles: Can you please explain your philosophy? Also, why did you choose to do digital art specifically?

AMYO: I choose Digital art because it removes every barriers. You don’t need money, you don’t need space, you don’t need materials, you just need your imagination.

Digital art allows amazing artists to create art beyond what we can imagine, it’s the next logical step after traditional art.

It is allowing me to change style, composition, lighting, or colors i can even decide to turn my digital art into physical art at any moment.

My philosophy is founded on 3 principles: Discover, Master, Hijack.

I discover a new medium or skill, i master it, then i hijack it in order to use it for something completely different.

TheDArtCo: What software do you use to create your artworks?

AMYO: I use a lot of different softwares : Zbrush, maya, Substance painter & designer,  Mari, Zwrap, rizomuv, marmoset, photoshop…

I also created some secret tools and techniques.

TheDArtCo: How do you choose between static or video artworks?

AMYO: It’s an interesting question, sometimes, I decide right from the start that the artwork will be animated, other times, it feels like it’s missing something to tell the whole story and animation is the answer.

Ultimately the question I ask myself is: does it help to translate better what I want to show?

TheDArtCo: What do you think about blockchain art?

AMYO: Blockchain art was the missing piece to digital art, it’s about time that Digital Artists get the same protection as traditional artists.

TheDArtCo: Your Artworks are very intense and generating sometimes some very dramatic feelings. Can you help us understand where this tension may come from?

AMYO: I think it’s coming from the fact that I’m easily bored, if I’m not fascinated by what I’m doing, I don’t do it.

TheDArtCo: We see that your artworks can be done in many and very different styles. Can you help us understanding this? We love very much all the artworks but there is some distance among them. Is it a learning process for your art?

AMYO: This is not the first time somebody asks me this question. I think the bigger question is why people expect to see the same “style” for every artwork I do.

If we are talking about traditional artists, this is already accepted. When we talk about Picasso for example, we’re not talking about “styles”, we are talking about “periods”.

So why would it be different for digital artists?

There is more than a hundred movements or groups or styles of digital art. I’m not part of any of them and I’m a part of all of them at the same time.

I don’t like to always do the same thing, as I already said I’m easily bored.

What I love in every artist I admire is I don’t know what to expect from them, they’re always trying to innovate.

TheDArtCo: Digital art and DeFi: what do you think about it?

AMYO: I’m excited by this new era, ultimately this will lead to less intermediate and more respect for Digital Artists.

TheDArtCo: What are you going to show us in the next future? What’s the style what will see and collect in the future or are you planning some evolution?

AMYO: I don’t think we will see a major shift in style (yet?), but I will continue to try new things, all I know is I want to make bigger pieces, I want to explore bigger scale (city, landscape, etc.) and expand my universe.

I want to keep exploring with new digital mediums and digital tools, and investigate more how to combine physical work and digital work (Holograms, projections, 3d prints, interactions).