Time Shattered in Fragments

“The absence of the quantity “time” in the fundamental equations does not mean a frozen and immobile world. If anything, it means a world where changes are ubiquitous, without being ordered by Father Time: without the innumerable events necessarily taking place in a beautiful way, order, neither along the single Newtonian timeline, nor according to the elegant Einsteinian geometries. The events of the world do not line up like the English. They crowd as chaotic as the Italians. ” (Carlo Rovelli)




Dan: Very disquieting… tough… at the end you can see a human figure, right? The electric flashes make us imagine a human being in its uncertainty. ‘Sedutastante‘ is for everyone, but this must be admired multiple times. Hard and challenging

Massimo: Yes, actually it’s a standing man walking past a lying down man. Time is shattered

Dan: Time is frenzy

Massimo: I like this idea

Dan: On the left you can see a blade of light. Yes, time fragments. Slivers, slivers of time

Massimo: Exactly, slivers

Dan: It’s complicated, with its speed, light crushes time and the image becomes abstract. The time and light speed destroys the time of human perception with its speed. But, how did you make this?

Massimo: I create a time coherent scene and then I destructure it, then I assemble the frames in a random order

Dan:  So only the image frames survive

Massimo: It’s a great feeling

Dan: The light speed shatters the human’s time’s stuff. It’s very beautiful, Massimo. Hard to comprehend, it requires time

Massimo: Have a look at this

Massimo: This would also fit amazingly

Dan: This is easier. It must be a path. The theme is perfect, I would say even in line with Einstein’s physics

Massimo: Let me explain you how it works, here is the first step

Massimo: And here is the final result

Dan: I think I got it now, this is easier and more comprehensible. Now I can look at everything again and hopefully I will be capable of grasping time in its speed slivers through your stunning images

Time does not exist. We human beings make it exist. Outside of us, it has no value. as Heidegger said, time is perceived only to the extent that human beings exist. In other words, the certainty is that time is all and only in the human mind: it is not real, but cerebral. The question is instead the following: if time does not exist, why does it affect the existence of men so deeply, determining their emotions, identity and pain? Time affects the existence of men, because we are time: we are memory, we are nostalgia and we are yearning for the future.