Accademia dello Scivolo

The Accademia dello Scivolo (Academy of the Slide), established in 2007 in Bagnolo Cremasco, is an association aimed at seeking sensible beauty. A pataphysical challenge to the uniformity of the globalized world and a playful antithesis to Milano’s Brera Academy of Fine Arts. It is composed as a band, governed by a goliardic statute and moved by the motto “Here you don’t work, you play”.

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It was first financed with the profits accrued on the purchase of ETF Lixor Word Water on the Italian Stock Exchange, Piazza degli Affari Milano and ETF ISS & Timber & Forest on woods and then with the issue of its own artistic analogical currency the “Tallero di Vascavolano” coined in Lugano in 2016, a currency convertible into water from the well of the Accademia. The Accademia dello Scivolo aims at a new economy. It also makes use of the collaboration of external professionals and young graduates in Fine Arts to whom it offers a first, albeit modest, empirical verification of their theses supported and debated in previous Academies and Universities. In 2018 he edited with Patrizia Gillo & Loredana Parmesani and published with the publishing house Postmediabooks the book “The little magazines of the Accademia dello Scivolo”




The main characters of these videos are the members of the Accademia dello Scivolo (Cristina Karanovic, known as Cristina Show, Andrea Bortolon, Met Levi, Angelo Spettacoli, together with the vigilant Giorgio Thompson) who run away from the frames that kept them stuck.

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The toy soldiers are real sculptures that rotate 360 ​​degrees: a delicate mockery to the steadiness of the monument.

Kinetic art? Absolutely not! Toy soldiers were born to play. Their entertainment is the challenge between the globalized world and the wisdom of the Marameo.

The soldiers are ready for anything.

The Marxist theorist Patrizia Gillo intends to seduce the king and allow him out of Duchamp’s confined chessboard.

The philosopher Andrea Bortolon challenges the globalized world with his playful ideas. Both think that “the catch me if you can Marameo” is the SUPREME BEING. On the other hand, the art critic Angelo Spettacoli is in favor of the new globalized world technologies.

Artist Cristina Karanovic hesitates between the two worlds: swinging between playfulness as a symbol of the world and the efficiency of the world of technology.

The bodyguard of the Accademia dello Scivolo is Giorgio Thompson who, dressed as a Carabiniere, oversees the legality of the postmodern world and, while doing the Marameo gesture, remembers that everything is just a playful game. Giorgio is the mediator between opposites: the challenge is between playfulness and efficiency.

This is a sporting duel which is not set on a chessboard, the square table of Marcel Duchamp. Cristina Karanovic, Andrea Bortolon, Met Levi, Angelo Spettacoli, the Banda del Marameo are not pawns, they are living entities. All engaged in the staging and the creation of an unprecedented scenario: the free state of the Accademia dello Scivolo.

Patrizia Gillo




No! This is not about marketing! The 3D soldiers are not small cups of coffee, a commodity at the service of the consumer. Cristina Karanovic known as Cristina Show, Andrea Bortolon, Angelo Spettacoli, Met Levi aim to build an army.

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Buying and selling means enlisting in the army. A purchased 3D soldier is one more member of the army in the Free State of the Accademia dello Scivolo. This army is similar to a public listed company, a corporation where the shares are simultaneously a financial instrument and an adventure.

Doesn’t history say that the birth of public listed companies dates back to colonial companies characterized by risks and adventures?

Does this army want war? No. It  wants to play games. Its weapons are games: marameo (Catch me if you can) is its atomic bomb, laughter its tank, irony its radar. Playfully armed, the army challenges the solitude of the super-technological and globalized world on the land of Vascavolano.

Ha ha ha it is by playing, not just by working, that GDP rises.

Aldo Spoldi




Andrea Bortolon

Young and shy philosopher. His playful theories seem to continue the playful and Marxist thought of Patrizia Gillo, a theorist of the “Banda del Marameo” in 1968.

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Andrea Bortolon finds the highest meaning of existance in the gesture of the “Marameo” (Catch me if you can!). His first book, Lezioni di filosofia morale: l’arte di divenire diavoli Skira edition – Ambrosetti Foundation (2003), collects his lessons held at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and is aimed at the care of the Brazilian artist Cristina Karanovic. In 2002 he was invited to the William Xerra Io mento (I lie) conference in the auditorium of the Mudima Foundation in Piacenza and Vigevano. In his second book Un dio non può farsi male (A god cannot get hurt), published by Mousse Publishing and the Marconi Foundation (2011), he is committed to responding to the financial crisis affecting the entire globalized world. In the meantime, he also published Le 11 tesi della timidezza su Marx (11 thesis about the shyness of Marx) in the book Operette morali, edited by Sandro Parmiggiani and illustrated by Aldo Spoldi, which gave life to the Shy Architecture movement. It should also be remembered that the sculpture Il mangiatore di mondi (the worlds’ eater) which portrays Andrea Bortolon on a unicycle, created as the inaugural chariot of the Viareggio carnival (2011), will become the symbolic image of the Accademia dello Scivolo. The replica of this pataphysical sculpture will be exchanged with the Vascavolano land (Municipality of Bagnolo Cremasco) and conquered with a notarial deed. In 2016 he took part in La Scalata del Castello di Rivara (the climbing invasion of the Rivara Castle). In 2017 at the Galleria Antonio Battaglia he is committed to the Charm of Alessandra. In 2018, on Valentine’s Day, he flees to Torre Fornello in Ziano Piacentino and to Arena Po with Arianna De Stefani, this adventure will be collected by Eugenio Gazzola in the book San Valentino: la fuga di Andrea Bortolon (San Valentino:the escape by Andrea Bortolon). In 2019 he returns to Bagnolo Cremasco.




Cristina Karanovic AKA Cristina Show

Painter, sculptress, performer, master of arms, she is certainly one of the highest spirits of the European postmodernism.

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Her mutant and iridescent works give life and substance to the lectures held at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts by Aldo Spoldi in 1996 and collected in the book Lezioni di educazione estetica (1999). In 2001 the Ambrosetti Contemporary Art Foundation published the book-catalogue Cristina Show. Frammenti di vita (Cristina Show. Fragments of Life) and at the same time the Bank of Oklahoma S.p.A. starts an advertising campaign on Artshow magazine dedicated to her work.

Among her works we should mention: La coppa di Champagne (1997) exhibited in the non-profit contemporary organization Careof, La sedia da corsa (The racing chair) (1998) created for the exhibition Mito e Velocità, curated by Alberto Fiz at the Museum of Modern Art in San Marino, Il Balletto Chiasso (1999) at the Teatro di Chiasso, curated by Antonio d’Avossa, La panchina vite (2001) at Torre Fornello with the publication of the book La vigna delle arti. Fermenti naturali. We should also mention: Aldo Spoldi Cristina Show, curated by Loredana Parmesani, Tempests of love (2008) at the San Domenico Theater in Crema, curated by Rolando Bellini.

In 2006 she was invited to the 15th Paris Biennale which she traveled to by camper. Gabriele Perretta inscribes her in the artistic movement of Medialism. In 2016 she took part in La scalata al Castello di Rivara. Her works are exhibited at the Ambrosetti Arte Contemporanea Foundation. The serigraphs that represent it, created by Aldo Spoldi for the Costa Cruises ships in 2007, accompanied by the publication The Adventures of Christina Show in 18 serigraphs by Aldo Spoldi, Banca di Oklahoma-Stev & Co srl edition, were exhibited at the C Dream Costa Cruise ships in Genoa and during 2019 at the Carte Sparse exhibition hosted at the Project modern art gallery in Ferrara.




Met Levi

Photographer. His non-digital photos accompany the genesis and the whole history of the Accademia dello Scivolo.

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 In 1968 he portaits La Banda del Marameo, pictures later collected by Luciano Inga Pin in its folder Ben venga Maggio … in 1978. His photos will be the sketches of the artwork Il Teatro di Oklahoma: Whiskey Quiz 1977. Since 1996 he is the official photographer of virtual characters (Patrizia Gillo, Cristina Karanovic, Andrea Bortolon and Angelo Spettacoli). Among his exhibitions we should mention: Met Levi. Virtual characters, Old Camera Gallery, Milan, curated by Daniela De Vito (2005), The Oklahoma Theater-Whiskey Quiz 1977, Antonio Battaglia Gallery, curated by Loredana Parmesani (2014), this exhibition has been selected by Artissima in section Back to the Future (2015).

His name is linked to the erotic comical photos of Cristina Karanovic, moreover he is the author of the photos of the Chiasso Ballet by Antonio D ‘Avossa (1999) and of the amazing photo Tempeste d’amore at the San Domenico Theater in Crema (2008). The Italian company ICAS srl published the 12 photos of him portraying the philosopher Andrea Bortolon in the 2004 calendar. In 2011 in Crema, in his honor, the Met Levi Wide Angle photography shop was opened. In 2011 he joined the exhibition Il mondo nuovo by Aldo Spoldi at the Marconi Foundation and in 2018 he joined the exhibition The History of the World, curated by Patrizia Gillo at the Marconi Foundation. He is currently a member of the Scientific Committee of the Accademia dello Scivolo. His photos of the Banda del  Marameo (Catch me if you can Gang) have been published in the book edited by Loredana Parmesani & Patrizia Gillo published by Postmediabooks.




Angelo Spettacoli

Art critic, theorist of the virtual characters produced by the Banca di Oklahoma and founder of the Accademia dello Scivolo.

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He joined Andrea Bortolon in La Fuga di Cristina Show in Ziano Piacentino and, invited by Loredana Parmesani, attends the conference Il possibile dal punto zero at the Ambrosetti Foundation (2002). In 2002 he held a conference with Silvia Bassi and the philosopher Andrea Bortolon entitled La didattica come forma d’arte  in Pistoia, Palazzo Marino Marini curated by Stefania Gori. In 2007 he published the book Le avventure di Cristina Show in 18 serigraphs by Aldo Spoldi, Banca di Oklahoma-Stev & Co srl edition. The book was presented at C Dream Costa Cruises in Genoa together with thirteen works commissioned by Costa Cruises. In 2009 he organized the Errare è sexy (Sexy mistakes) exhibition at the San Domenico Theater in Crema and Proposte per le machine di seduzione (Proposals for seduction machines) at the Wunderkammer space, in collaboration with Marina Brunetti. On this occasion, Stev & Co published the catalog in the form of a calendar. In 2014, in collaboration with Marianna Lodi, he taught lessons at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and held the Lezioni Cinesi. He took part in writing the book Cristina Show. Frammenti di vita Skira-Fondazione Ambrosetti edition. He endorsed the books of his friend Andrea Bortolon, Lezioni di Filosofia Morale Edition Skira-Fondazione Ambrosetti and Un dio non può farsi male of Mousse Publishing. In cooperation with Gualtiero Marchesi, Nicola Salvatore and Aldo Spoldi, he writes the book Il bello è il buono Skira (2009). He presents the theories of the Accademia dello Scivolo to the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and the Marconi Foundation. In 2016 he took part in La Scalata al Castello di Rivara, in 2018 in the exhibition La storia del mondo at the Marconi Foundation. In 2019 he curates the Errare è sexy 2 exhibition.




Il Mangiatore di Mondi



Giorgio Thompson



The Carousel



Andrea and the rainbow



Met portraying Angelo under the rainbow



Met portraying Angelo under the rainbow (close up)



The Vascavolano land under the rainbow



The Vascavolano land and its well